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Tears in the biceps and triceps tendons or muscles make it impossible for you to move your arm normally, and may require surgical treatment. As a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, Patrick Devanny, MD has years of experience treating biceps and triceps tears. To schedule a consultation, please contact Incline Orthopaedics in Colorado Springs, Colorado by calling in or using our online booking tool.

Biceps & Triceps Tear Q & A

What causes a biceps or triceps tear?

These tears can occur anytime a muscle or tendon in your biceps or triceps is ripped or damaged. You get these types of injuries after a trauma to your arm. You’ll most likely experience pain and loss of motion, among other symptoms, if you have a tear.

Will it heal on its own?

Mild injuries to your biceps or triceps muscles and/or tendons may heal on their own over time. If your injury is mild enough to heal on its own, you'll need to rest your arm. Taking pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medications to deal with some of your symptoms will help you feel more comfortable.

In cases where your injury is too severe and isn’t healing well, you may benefit from stem cell injections or surgery.

What are stem cell injections and how do they help with biceps and triceps tears?

Stem cell injections contain undifferentiated stem cells which stimulate muscle repair. In most cases, Dr. Devanny harvests these stem cells from your own body. This method is preferred because your body won’t reject these cells.

Because stem cells are undifferentiated, they can turn into any type of tissue. When an area is injured, injecting these cells can promote healing and tissue regeneration. This may help with your symptoms and make your biceps or triceps tear heal more quickly.

What is the purpose of surgical treatment for biceps and triceps tears?

The purpose of surgical treatment for a biceps or triceps tear is to repair your damaged muscle tissue. The exact approach Dr. Devanny uses during this procedure depends on the specifics of your condition. He'll explain the procedure to you before you schedule the surgery.

He'll also let you know if you have any other treatment options besides surgery. Dr. Devanny wants you to be completely confident in your choice of care.

Are biceps and triceps tears surgery safe?

All types of surgical procedures hold some minor risks that you should be aware of. If you have surgery for a biceps or triceps tear, you may be at risk of having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, having excessive bleeding, or developing an infection.

Dr. Devanny explains all of the risks of the procedure before you schedule it. However, as an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Devanny knows how to minimize them to ensure you get optimal care.