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Not only are shoulder injuries painful, but they are incredibly disruptive to your everyday life. Trauma or injury can incapacitate you instantly, and will often require surgery. If your shoulder injury is stopping you from completing daily tasks, you need to be treated by Patrick Devanny, MD in Colorado Springs, Colorado. To be seen at Incline Orthopaedics, call or book an appointment online today.

Shoulder Injury Q & A

What types of shoulder injuries are most common?

Your shoulder is a complex joint composed of bones, cartilage, and connective tissue. Trauma to any part of the shoulder can lead to a shoulder injury. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Shoulder dislocation when the top of the upper arm bone comes partially or completely out of its socket, sometimes damaging tendons or ligaments
  • Shoulder SLAP tears when your shoulder’s labrum, the ring of cartilage that steadies the head of the upper arm bone, is injured
  • Rotator cuff tears when part of the rotator cuff, which is a group of muscles and tendons that hold your shoulder bones together, is damaged

How are shoulder injuries treated?

Every shoulder injury is different. Mild shoulder injuries may heal on their own with rest and ice. You may also benefit from taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatories or participating in physical therapy.

In some cases, shoulder injuries are too severe to heal properly with only conservative treatments. If your shoulder injury is more severe, Dr. Devanny may recommend stem cell injections or surgery.

How do stem cell injections help shoulder injuries?

Stem cell injections work by introducing stem cells into the injured area. These cells can develop into any type of tissue, which may help the shoulder heal on its own. Stem cell injections aren’t the right choice for every patient, but Dr. Devanny can help you decide whether this option may be right for you.

What is the goal of orthopaedic surgery?

The goal of surgery is to repair or replace the damaged parts of your shoulder, which improves function and relieves symptoms. Each shoulder injury requires a different surgical approach, and Dr. Devanny is an expert at deducing which method is best. Come into the office and talk with Dr. Devanny about orthopaedic surgery for your shoulder injury.

If you need shoulder surgery, Dr. Devanny describes the procedure you need in detail so you know what to expect. If you have more than one option, he explains each option so you can make the right choice. He also explains all possible side effects and complications.